Available Programs

All programs on this page are freeware; not "free to download" or "free to try" but simply free. There are no time or functional limitations on their use, no registration is requested, and no ads, popup requests or other annoying content is included. All programs except MSD File Reader require Windows XP or later. The first two programs, Graph Extract and MassHunter File Reader are provided with setup files which enable either a standard Windows or portable installation. Both of these programs are code signed and time stamped. The other two programs, MSD File Reader and QuadXL are older programs that are provided in portable format-only. We hope you find one or more of these programs helpful, and we welcome any comments, questions or suggestions you might have. You can reach us via the Contact Us link above.

Screenshot of Graph Extract

Graph Extract (new version 3.0)

Graph Extract is a program for digitizing plots. Using either manual or automated approaches, this program provides a means to easily extract numeric data from plots. The resulting X-Y data can be printed or replotted, or it can be saved in either Excel or text file format for further processing. Graph Extract 3.0 includes a number of bug fixes and several new features including much improved autoprocessing procedures. These updates are described in detail in the Help file, which can also be viewed separately as a pdf by clicking on the link below.

Download Graph Extract 3.0      Graph Extract Helpfile as a pdf

Graph Extract Accuracy & Precision

Screenshot of Mass Hunter

MassHunter File Reader (current version 1.0)

MassHunter File Reader was developed to provide access to the raw binary data from Agilent MassHunter GC/MS and GC/MS/MS data files. The objective was to provide a convenient means to export the unmodified data in plain text format for further processing using custom programs. Either the entire datafile or a selected region of the file can be exported. This program includes sample data files and a Help file describing its operation. The contents of the Help file can also be downloaded separately as a pdf.

Download MassHunter File Reader      MassHunter Reader Helpfile as a pdf

Screenshot of HP MSD Datafiles

MSD File Reader

This program can read, display and save data from the original HP MSD based on the HP Pascal Chemstation. MSD File Reader uses the program code listed on the Data Formats page to read and process the files. The download file contains the executable, simple helpfiles in both WinHlp and HTML Help formats, and a few demo program examples. Both the TIC and spectral data can optionally be exported in text format. This is an old program, originally written in 16-bit Pascal and later updated to 32 bit, and is compatible with any 32-bit version of Windows from Windows 95 on. See the MS Data Formats page for other programs that can read current HP MSD datafiles.     Download MSD File Reader

Screenshot of QuadXL


QuadXL is a simple utility program for working with Excel files; it does not require Microsoft Excel for operation. This program specifically targets the binary Excel file versions 97 through 2003. QuadXL has three functions: (1) it can provide information on the number of worksheets and occupied cells, or complete information on the contents of the file; (2) it can quickly search for a target value, word or phrase in each sheet in a designated workbook, or optionally in all worksheets and files in a given directory; and (3) it can export one or all sheets of the .xls file into CSV or TXT files, individually or into a single file. This function can also operate in batch mode on all .xls files in a directory.     Download QuadXL