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Quadfiles is designed to read Agilent MS data files. The objective of this program is to provide access to raw data for further custom analyses, with a focus on unit resolution quadrupole-based systems including both single and triple quads. This program can read standard [name.d] Agilent files (actually folders) in either Chemstation or Mass Hunter format. It does not require either ChemStation or Mass Hunter software to use. The program will determine when opening the file which format (ChemStation or Mass Hunter) needs to be read.

The format of Chemstation GC/MS files was publicly defined by Hewlett Packard many years ago. However, Mass Hunter file structures have not been fully defined by Agilent yet, so reading them in Quadfiles is based on inferred file formats. Therefore, this program may not work on your files, and Agilent file structures could certainly change without notice in the future. Quadfiles is a read-only program and no files are changed by its use. However, single quadrupole Mass Hunter files can be converted to and saved as ChemStation files if desired.

In addition to reading both Mass Hunter and Chemstation files, this new version includes a few minor additions such as limited scan and spectral peak labeling and spectra averaging. However, the focus remains on quadrupole instrument data export. Quadfiles is currently limited to unit resolution centroid data. Many Agilent TOF files can be opened, but the TOF capabilities are limited to reading the TIC. Quadfiles 1.2 cannot read high-resolution TOF spectra.

A zipped folder with a selection of example files is available as a separate download